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Athletetic Performance

Kinetic Reality provides a comprehensive platform for human performance optimization for athletes in a wide range of sports and activities including running, swimming, bicycling, tennis, golf. kayaking, baseball, basketball, football, and other related sports.   Also individuals interested in a high level of performance in activities such as dance, martial arts, fencing and gymnastics or any related activity can benefit from use of the Kinetic Reality Human Body Modeling and Human Body VIsualizer.


Medical Treatment and Diagnosis

Kinetic Reality is engaging with a wide range of medical practitioners on using the Wireless Human Body Network ( wHBN) to monitor and assist in the treatment and diagnosis of many medical conditions where the motion of the body is affected.  These include traumatic injury diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation for those with age related or other degenerative conditions affecting the motion of the human body and other neuromuscular conditions.  If you have a medical application that you think can benefit from Kinetic Reality's wHBN platform, please contact us. 

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Robotic Control and other Applications

Kinetic Reality has a comprehensive platform for wireless monitoring of human motion and modeling of the human body.  For robotic control and other applications requiring monitoring of human body position and motion, please contact us