Wireless Human Body Sensor Network

Kinetic Reality's Wireless Human Body Network ( wHBN) uses 9 axis inertial sensors.  The wHBN is used in a variety of applications from measuring athlete performance to biomedical applications and rehabilitation programs.  The wHBN is highly power optimized, uses state of the art MEMS sensors integrated with  advanced algorithms for high accuracy and ultralow power Bluetooth LE modules for wireless connectivity


Human Body Model

Kinetic Reality's Human Body Model (HBM) uses highly optimized computational models of the human body with multi-axis models for all major joints together with advanced calibration to body segment lengths and ranges of motion.  Kinetic Reality's highly optimized algorithms allow real time modeling of the body position and motion.  The HBM can be used in a wide variety of applications including medical, robotic and human body performance applications.



Kinetic Reality's state of the art Human Body Visualizer (HBV) provides real time feedback of human kinetics and analytics.  Kinetic Reality's HBV visualizer fully integrates with the Human Body Model (HBM) and the Wireless Human Body Network (wHBN) to provide a complete system for wireless data acquisition through to body position and motion modeling through to visualization.


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